Caregiver Types

Caregiver TypesWe offer a diverse range of Caregivers. The following provides a brief explanation of the different kinds of Caregivers we have that are available to you and what their duties entail. A full job description for each Caregiver type is provided in the Client Handbook.

It is important to understand that each Caregiver type is different and only in limited ways or circumstances do the job functions overlap. For example, a CNA is a trained certified nursing aide who will perform light housekeeping duties, but not full housekeeping, except under special arrangement. Housekeepers will do routine home maintenance and basic cleaning, but not yard work, companionship, cooking or driving.

*Caregiving services may vary from location to location. For a list of services, please contact your local® office today by clicking on a local office near you.

Companion / Attendant: Provides companionship and assistance with activities of daily living; they have CPR and basic First Aid training.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Home Health Aide (HHA): Although both CNAs and HHAs have training above and beyond that of a companion, our agencies only provide non-medical assistance; therefore, our CNAs and HHAs may only provide the same services as a Companion / Attendant.

Mother's Helper: Provides assistance to the mother in and around the home, usually full time, including cooking and running errands, freeing the mother to focus on the child. Typically hired immediately after birth to aid the mother during her recovery.

Nanny: Manages daily care of the child, usually full time, including attention to personal hygiene, dressing, activities, homework, meals, transportation to events and light housekeeping.

Babysitter: Stays with the child/children at the client's home or hotel for a limited amount of time to ensure the child/children's safety and supervision.

Group Childcare Provider: Stays with multiple children, usually at an event, to provide supervision, engagement in activities and ensure safety.

Housekeeper/Cleaner: Provides complete house cleaning detail as needed either on an occasional (as needed) basis or regular weekly maintenance.

Personal Assistant: Provides miscellaneous aid with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), office assistant, transportation and/or light housekeeping.

Homemaker: Focused on the home itself, the homemaker maintains the home, prepares meals, does laundry and arranges and supervises other needed service specialists.

Shopper: Provides shopping and errand services in client's vehicle or theirs.

Meal Preparation: Shops for meal ingredients, cooks and serves meals, and cleans the kitchen afterwards.

Pet Sitter / Walker: Stays in the client's home to ensure pet care while the client is away. Pet walker comes to client's home periodically to walk pets on a schedule determined by the client.

House Sitter: Stays at the client's home to provide security, water plants, oversee service providers or other home care needs while the client is away.

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